Re: traceroute [SO_SNDBUF]
Sun, 11 May 1997 11:18:13 +0200

"B. James Phillippe" <bryan@Terran.ORG> writes:
> After 2.1.2x, traceroute reports SO_SNDBUF: Invalid argument, and
>doesn't seem to work anymore. I've tried rebuilding it under 2.1.35 (which
>otherwise is working in perfect order), but it doesn't help.
> I have net-tools 19970501 installed and working normally. I looked
>at the header files thinking some definition might have changed, but
>everything looks the same. I'm running libc-5.4.23, which actually seems to
>be the piece causing the problem. But, it's required by current kernels,

The 2.1.35 kernel won't accept SO_SNDBUF arguments below a certain size.
This breaks traceroute. This has since been changed so that SO_SNDBUF
is silently enforced to be at least a certain minimum size.
Of hand I'm not sure if we got this into 2.1.36 or if it has only
appeared in the pre-2.1.37 series of patches. In any case the
problem is kernel side and should go away once you upgrade to
a newer kernel.

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