"Stress test" kernel messages, 2.1.37-pre6

David Whysong (dwhysong@physics.ucsb.edu)
Sun, 11 May 1997 02:02:11 -0700 (PDT)


While stress-testing SMP kernel 2.1.37-pre6, I got some messages:

$make zImage MAKE="make -j"
I go do stuff in minicom and after a few seconds I see...

Ugh at c011071d

>From my System.map:
c01106d8 T do_page_fault
c0110aac t remap_area_pages

while doing the following simultaneously:

make zImage -j15
cat `find` > /dev/audio
dd if=/dev/kmem of=/dev/fd0 bs=4096
minicom (interactive)

I got the following message:

_isofs_bmap: block>= EOF(2, 4096)

This must be due to the cat process, which was dumping binaries from the
CD-ROM to the sound card. (Sounds horrible....) By the way, this kernel
isn't giving me the GCC signal 7's that I had with 2.0.30. System is a
dual P-133 (Tyan Tomcat III), 32 megs ECC RAM, 126 megs swap, kernel
2.1.37-pre6 fully modularized and compiled with SMP=1. Let me know if you
want any more info.

This kernel version seems to be working quite well for me. Other than
these messages (and they had no noticable side-effects), it looks good!


David Whysong
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