Linus Torvalds (
10 May 1997 05:55:18 GMT

Would people try out pre-2.1.37-7 and see what it breaks? The largest
change since the last pre-patch is simply that I split up the old bit
operations in two: one for atomically doing a test-and-change operation,
and one for just doing the change operation.

Code that used to do

if (set_bit(x,y))

now needs to do

if (test_and_set_bit(x,y))

which actually makes more sense ("set_bit()" still exists, but it
doesn't return the old value so you can't use it for testing). This
allows me to do better code for the cases that do _not_ need to test the
previous value, so that we can just get rid of some unnecessary cruft.

Anything I missed doing this change? I've compiled this on x86 and
alpha, and I should have fixed at least _most_ of the affected areas,
but I might well have missed a few changes.