Re: SCSI disk devices

Eric Youngdale (
Fri, 9 May 1997 23:47:34 -0400

>I had always thought that the right approach would go far beyond
>scsidev; if you have a volume management daemon that would automatically
>do the right thing based on the volume ID (pretty much all filesystems
>have them now: ext2, iso9660, even MS-DOS FAT), then who cares what the
>device name is?

Actually, scsidev currently has an aliasing feature. There is
a file /etc/scsi.alias which can contain things like:

>serial_number="DX908FK", devtype=disk, alias=sd4gig
>manufacturer=WANGTEK, devtype=tape, alias=qictape
>id=2, devtype=generic, alias=cdwriter

and when you run scsidev, entries will be created like


You can match against all sorts of stuff. It has been on my list of
possible improvements to allow it to match filesystem type and volume
label for disks. This *sounds* like it is starting to get us kind of
close to what you are talking about at the lowest level. On top of
this we would need some kind of interface to a volume management
daemon would be needed to make it idiot proof and to manage the