RE: Linux-Based Kernel Textbook?

James Mohr (
Fri, 9 May 1997 12:06:34 +-200

Hi Brian!

There are two that I am aware of that might come close:

Linux Kernel Internals, by Beck, Bohme, Dziadzka, Kunitz, Magnua and Verworner, Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 0-201-87741-4.

Inside Linux, by Bentson, SSC, ISBN: 0-916151-89-1

The first is more a description of the kernel internals. It makes some assumptions about what you already
know about OSes. This requires some experience with C. The second is a lot less technical, but does not
assume as much previousl knowledge.

I hope this helps.



From: brianc@saintjoe.EDU[SMTP:brianc@saintjoe.EDU]
Sent: Donnerstag, 8. Mai 1997 21:21
Subject: Linux-Based Kernel Textbook?

I guess this is at least tangentially appropriate to this group. If not, I'll
surely soon hear about it :-)

I once read, on this group if I'm not mistaken, that someone had written a
book exploring kernel practice and theory, using the Linux kernel as the
case study.

I'm teaching an OS class next semester for which such a book would be perfect,
if it exists, and I hope if there's anyone out there who might have a
reference to it you could pass it along.

Brian Capouch
Saint Joseph's College