Re: Scsi Cd Writer

Keith Owens (
Thu, 08 May 1997 17:11:29 +1000

On Thu, 8 May 1997 11:18:41 +0800 (HKT),
"Lap Yip..." <> wrote:
>I want to ask if linux supports Scsi CD writer.
>The model number is Hp 4020i.
>If yes , do I need to compile additional modules in kernel?
>Besides, which utilities can I use to control the device?

Not a kernel problem, it is almost pure userspace, you just need SCSI
generic support in the kernel. AFAIK, the HP 4020i is the same as
Philips CDD-2600.

Useful URLs and cdwrite/record mailing list.

X-CD-Roast - GUI for cdwrite. cdwrite seems to be dead, cdrecord is
being actively maintained but the GUI is nice and should be tweakable
for cdwrite.

cdrecord -

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