Re: procfs problems

Frank Sweetser (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 19:29:12 -0400

==> Regarding Re: procfs problems; tim@franck.Princeton.EDU (Tim Hollebeek) adds:

tim> How much more complex is a /bin/proccat that (for example) changes
tim> null terminated key:value pairs into text? E.g. the proc files would
tim> contain something like:

tim> "key1\0val1\0key2\0val2\0..."

tim> which would translate to:

tim> key1 : val1 key2 : val2 ...

tim> Support for hierarchical entries, simple tables, etc doesn't make it
tim> much bigger. Anything can appear in a field (including ':'), and the
tim> binary version is trivially machine readable. /bin/proccat is likely
tim> to succeed whenever /bin/cat would, so it is usable when your system
tim> is hosed.

Hmm.... I'd use a tab instead of a null (I admit, I'm a stickler for
human readability :) but other than that, yeah, I definatelly like it.
Human readably, easily parsed by C progs or by your favorite perl script...
perhaps even different versions of proccat to format the output to your

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