Re: procfs problems

Perry Wagle (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 13:31:41 -0700

> Personally I use /proc as a debugging tool, which makes
> human-readability an absolute must. /proc is plenty fast for most of
> the stuff it is used for.

Well, personally, *I* use /proc as a debugging tool, which makes
MACHINE readability an absolute must, since I have automated the
regression tests with scripts.


>From my last angle in this barrage of "izzat so?!?"'s:

I claim that /proc entries should give me EVERYTHING I *might* want to
know. Its the job of the user-land post-processor to filter and
present that information to humans, cyborgs, robots, users, and
scripts; I don't know why that intelligence should reside in a lean
mean Linux machine kernel. If I don't like your filter and/or your
presentation, I should be able to write my own without writing my own
kernel code, or writing hard-core flex/bison/etc stuff to parse your
output (ie, I'm very fond of Perl's split command).

I'm pretty sure I've now beaten this topic way past the point of death
from my point of view.

I'll try to say something more interesting in my next note.

-- Perry