RE: Kernel: Unable to load interpreter

Wed, 30 Apr 1997 18:04:43 +0200

Hello all,

I cannot agree that it is a problem with not enough memory for the
users. I have a system that is also running v2.0.29. I have come
across the same problem. Here is my setup:

Pentium 133
32Mb RAM
32Mb Swap
256 Cache

I installed stock Red Hat 3.0.3 Picasso, upgraded to 2.0 kernel and then
upgraded to 2.0.29. I used my system on a field exercise with my US
Army Unit. It ran a Perl intensive program which monitored our
switching network (AT&T of the Army:-). It would FTP, Telnet, use DBM
files, make calculations, and process files during its use. I never had
more than two or three consoles logged onto at one time. This Perl
program (a daemon) would be running 24/7. It also provided an interface
from the HTTP side (to include GIF generations). I would come to the
computer at various times during the day only to find this message on
the console. It would sometimes continue running just fine and other
times I would have to restart the daemon or reboot the computer. I was
going to look into this problem more but I have only the capabilities to
run this program while in the field. (ie I cannot reproduce the problem
for a while). I believe that this would also be produced while running
a memory intensive program (or many) on the computer (kernel compile
does not do it). Any comments or suggestions would be great.

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