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Julio Sanchez (
30 Apr 1997 10:56:33 +0200 (David S. Miller) writes:

> Unlike some other Unix vendors, Sun's software department is not
> firmly engulfed inside their hardware department, they are a complete
> seperate entity, so thus cannot depend on hardware sales to get them
> out of a rut should Solaris sales go down considerably.

Point granted.

Even so, I think that the scenario we are facing now is a workable
offering from Microsoft. Whether we like it or not, NT can do many of
the jobs you had to resort to UNIX for before. Even traditional UNIX
shops are giving it a try. Among the reasons for this is a perceived
high availability of personnel able to deal with it (this comes from
the wrong assumption that NT is just like Windows).

This can only be countered with high availability of UNIX-experienced
administrators, people able to keep UNIX in place where it is already
used or introduce it where it isn't. MIS directors are conservative
and will resist using platforms that are not very well known. If they
feel there are people around who can manage it and that they will find
more when they need it, UNIX still has a chance. It's just a problem
of perception.

Linux can help them achieve this. People experienced with Linux will
jump to other Unices easily. It is also the people in the right
place and time to say "this would be very easy to do with UNIX instead
of the mess we are in". It might be Linux, but it also might be
something else.

On the other hand, the UNIX hardware and software vendors give
credibility to Linux. It is comforting seeing big bucks bet on
something. If Linux stamped out other Solaris, HPUX, etc., it could
bad in the long run.

The source deal from SunSoft is good in this sense, because it is
right on target. But "competing with Linux strategy" is misguided.

What I am afraid of is the different Unices fighting with each other
for pieces of an ever diminishing share. I think we want a bigger
share of it.

[Anyway I feel we are very off-topic and I am sorry for having
contributed to it.]


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