Re: Transparent proxying?

Nigel Metheringham (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 09:22:34 +0100

} Tuomo,
} I upgraded to v2.0.30 and do not have a problem with transparent proxy
} redirects. I did however, patch the kernel with the latest
} ip_masqurading patch. It is advailable at the IP_masqurade resource web
} page. (you'll have to do a web serach I don't know the URL).

The IP masq patch against 2.0.30 is low priority stuff which is unlikely
to affect a running system. This is *not* the reason for the difference
between the working and not working transparent proxy systems.

[The patches against 2.0.30 are also in the 2.0.31 dev tree - basically
they consist of a kmalloc check for ipautofw and a modification of
masquerading port allocation so that it will always work if there are any
free ports available]


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