Re: Solaris source (fwd)

C.J. Beyer (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 19:07:40 -0500 (CDT)

The REAL reason is to help out Linux, IMHO.

> I don't think (despite what that dude from SGI said) that Sun is
> competing with Linux, nor do I beleive that it is their aim. Being a Sun
> employee myself (and no I don't speak for them) I can tell you this for
> certain.

Of course. Sun knows that it's money customers aren't interested in
Linux when they can have a well supported OS.

> > Basically, Sun is NO better than M$, it just happens to be smaller and
> > thus seen as the underdog.
> When's the last time you saw Sun bully smaller companies into selling out?
> Gimme a break.

SUN rocks. Solaris is the single best UNIX available right now.
Everyone knows that. I think their goal is to allow the linux kernel
hackers to check out their source. They know Linux is the biggest threat
to MS. The more popular Linux/UNIX gets, the better off they are.

C.J. Beyer
Graduate Student Nuclear Physics/ System Admin/ Software Developer