Re: Solaris source

Jauder Ho (
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 16:10:26 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 28 Apr 1997, David S. Miller wrote:
> No, but that is certainly on the todo list, it's been looked into
> already.

it's not a big deal the 6000 is coming multiple 4gb disk internal
that I can use to test it. Since I have not set up a sparclinux box
before, do you think that it will be a relatively trivial thing to do? (
if I do do it, I will at most have 2days to get a base dist up and
running. and then running lmbench a couple of times plus crashme if I
happen to have the source by then) bascally a real quick in and out as I
have stupid deadlines that involve upgrading all existing servers to 2.5.1
with minimal amount of time, a data center move and the new servers all by
Dec 31 this year. argh. but I definately interested running some tests on
the 6000E ( I believe this would be the first time linux is run on such a
big machine :) maybe I can get some time later in the year to try in on
the test 1000E that we have around. hmmm.

> And so is their "competition plan" which is why it will be
> unsuccessful at whatever they intend it to do. Anyone who signs up
> for that program is essentially tainted, you must sign NDA's, and Alan
> thinks that this NDA may mean that you are essentially unable to work
> on OS kernels every again... oh except if you end up doing it for Sun
> that is.. This would be true if the agreement you must sign is
> anything like the Java one...

I haven't signed away anything yet.

> I hear Solaris/x86 is selling like hot cakes these days anyways, so we
> have a lot to worry about it seems... 8-)
stupid stupid idea. I had users who were trying to do this and I
just set them up with linux instead. not a peep from them again. maybe it
was because I was just mean to them :)


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