Re: procfs problems

Perry Wagle (
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 15:50:14 -0700

Here's my take on the procfs thing:

I want to have my modules add things to /proc (char devices,
directories, etc.) so I can talk to the kernel-land stuff from
user-land. I'd like the communications to be fast, so will probably
avoid ascii streams, but I might get tired of debugging that and opt
for "easily machine parsable". I don't find writing PERL (and TK)
scripts to present it to humans to be hard. In addition, this keeps
some code bloat out of the kernel.

I'd like to avoid gratuitous difference of philosophy from the rest of
the stuff in /proc, so I want all that to think my way. B)

I'm starting to think that /proc should be renamed /kernel/proc, and
it should be called something like "The Kernel File System". Probably
needs a better name though. ("Kernel Services File System"?, ...).

-- Perry