More details about my problem "Can not login"

Kathleen P. Le (kle@ARL.MIL)
Mon, 28 Apr 97 14:28:17 EDT

Hello linuxers,

At requests from repondents to my question, I am giving more
info about my problem:

After I upgraded my machine, it boots up fine, with normal
messages except for the last which is "rc.M com-
mand not found". After I type in any id (my id or "root" or
as a respondent suggested "linux single"), I got a 15 seconds
pause and the login prompt again. The machine never prompts
for the password. I rebuilt the kernel 3 times, the last with
the .config which I had for an exact same hardware machine which
works, but I still get the same problem with this machine. Right
now I boot this machine with the boot disk created with the old
kernel (2.0.7) and the machine runs fine.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help.

K Le