Re: NFSroot and new IP routing code [was: NFS root filesystem broken in 2.1.36]

Eric Youngdale (
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 13:55:33 -0400

>NFSroot is broken for two reasons at the moment. The first is that I
>rewrote much of the NFS code for better performance, and broke NFSroot
>as I went. While it does compile again on 2.1.36, there's also a problem
>with the networking code. As ANK updated the IP routing stuff, he seems
>to have changed some things in the way you have to configure an interface
>and route. As a result, the old interface handling in nfsroot breaks as
>well (the problem is that the kernel ARPs for the NFS server, but drops
>the ARP replies somewhere because it won't find a matching route).

Yes, I was seeing this. ARP on the NFS server showed the
client's ethernet address, so something was getting through to the
server. ARP on the client (using the floppy root filesystem) showed
the NFS server, but it didn't have its ethernet address as I would
have expected - it was showing both the server and client with all 0's
in the ethernet address field.

I could play with this some more if you need me to, but I
worked around the problem by putting an IDE disk on that machine.
Actually, generating the 'init==ksh' root floppy wasn't really all
that hard either, come to think of it.