Re: reflections on the 3c905 v0.40 driver

root (
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 08:25:34 -0700

On Apr 26, root wrote:

> Anybody know if the Rx:Tx split can be changed? Or is it hard-coded on the
> card?

that's exactly what I did yesterday using this patch


I was getting:

Inter-| Receive | Transmit
face |packets errs drop fifo frame|packets errs drop fifo colls carrier
eth0:2477617 17116 17116 17121 17117 961517 0 0 0 233 54

eth0: 374345 11 11 0 11 64232 0 0 0 0 64232

I patched the v.30 driver, alas, I also installed the latest Win95
drivers from 3Com just before trying this, so the above results are
with both computers modified. So I cannot truely claim that the Rx:Tx
change improved the network. Next time Win95 crashes and requires a
re-install, I'll know (should be soon :). But I suspect that your
results tend to make the 3:1 Rx:Tx choice the fix candidate.

Perhaps InternalConfig 006102d8 should be the default, rather
than InternalConfig 006302d8

Now the question is, "why did the transmit 'coll carrier' numbers
change?" I didn't notice any change in system behavior (my tests are
with Quake, since Win95 is missing useful utilities).

PS I've never read ANY message about 'Rx pacing bug'.