Re: user processes calling loadable modules routines

Aaron M. Ucko (
26 Apr 1997 23:25:24 -0400 (Perry Wagle) writes:

> I want to write a user process that calls (send several args, get
> return value, synchronous) routines in a loadable modules as fast as
> possible. If I could dynamically add (and remove) syscalls from the
> module at load (and cleanup) time, that'd be fantastic. If not,
> what's currently the next best way? I need a mechanism as close to
> the performance characteristics of syscalls, since:

My system routinely uses a module called libafs, which implements
afs_syscall. I don't know the details (Transarc is fascist), but I
suspect the module simply modifies sys_call_table appropriately.

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