Strange inversed video in .h files

Tim P. Gerla (
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 13:50:34 -0500 (CDT)

Hi hackers, I have a strange problem. Whenever I try to recompile my
kernel, I get random error messages in a few header files. When I edit
the offending file, there is one character in inverse video. It's the
correct character, but the compiler can't handle the inverse video codes.
I can simply erase the character, replacing it with the original. This
happens anywhere from 1 to 5 times while compiling. The strangest thing
is, the errors never occur in the same file again.

I have a fairly slow machine, (486/133, 16mb ram) so it would be nice to
be able to make zImage and leave for a bit, but I can't because I have to
fix those characters. :( This has happened with Slackware 3.1, kernel
2.0.0 and 2.0.29, and Debian 2.1 (I think), kernel 2.0.30.

The only time I can remember not having this problem is when I downloaded
all 6 megs of 2.0.29 and compiled it 'clean'. (No other patches, etc..)
Could it be my patch exec? It's version 2.1. I'd appreciate any ideas.

BTW, I'd also like to thank Linus and the rest of the kernel developers
for making such a great system. :) Some day I hope to know enough about
the kernel to help develop it as well.



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