Re: parport patch / lp_readback

Carsten Gross (
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 01:16:04 +0200 (MET DST)

> Please do. I don't expect to be rewriting it any time soon. The parport
> code itself _is_ going to change in the fairly near future, though still
> not imminently.

Hello Philip!

I'm a little bit sorry about my last mail with the patch to you. It was a
bit to early and there were a few bugs in it (mainly correct claiming
and releasing of the parport). I'll send you the corrected version as soon
as I've tested it better for correct operation. A new problem now is, that
my printer (a Laserjet 6P - attached to a normal printer port) prints a
garbage character and does a formfeed during the boot process.


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