Re: Threads Question

Nathan Sullivan (
25 Apr 1997 21:25:01 -0500

Maciej Stachowiak <> writes:

> From the BeOS demo I saw, I gathered that BeOS has one thread per top
> level frame window, not for every window whatsoever in the strict
> sense. But I may have misunderstood, there was, sadly, more hype than
> technical detail although some key developers were there and the demo
> was at MIT.

Well, I suppose it depends on what exactly you mean by "top level
frame window", but on the BeOS, "windows" include normal windows and
dialog boxes. And each window spawns two threads on the system. In
the BeBook, under the description for the BWindow class, they say,
"Each window runs in its own thread--both in the Application Server
and in the application." I think that means that there is a thread in
your application to watch for, generate, and/or forward events, and a
thread in the system software to do stuff like resize the window,
change focus, etc. I can vouch for the snappiness of these things, so
they must be doing _something_ right. :)

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