Weird printer behaviour.

Mathieu Guillaume (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 23:29:42 +0200 (CEST)

I've got this weird thing happening to me. I don't have a clue what can be
causing this, but I'm sending this in case someone finds it relevant to
his/her code. Guess it has something to do with parport.

Things that may be relevant:
* Kernel is 2.1.36 (same behaviour with 2.1.35, didn't try sooner) without
SMP support, everything compiled in (no modules, though I have module
support), with all the patches necessary to compile installed (BTW, I
had to comment out EXPORT_SYMTAB(synchronize_irq) in i386_ksyms.c to
have it compile).
* Printer is a Epson Stylus 800+ (ESC/P2 language support).
* Parallel port is the one on the P55T2P4C (Asus Triton II) motherboard.

I'm trying to print something.
If I try to use lpr, I only get about one / one and a half page printed,
then the printer stops. The printing job is still in the queue, and the
printer doesn't respond to any manual commands.
So I execute, as root:
cat | filter > /dev/lp0 (same behaviour with /dev/par0)
It begins exactly as with lpr : prints a few things, then freezes.
But if I type ^Z + 'bg', it continues printing, about the same quantity,
then freezes again. I then 'fg' it and ^Z + 'bg' it again and it goes on
printing, and again and again.
Sometimes, when I 'fg', I get the error 'fg: no current job'. If I wait a
little and 'fg' again, the job comes back to foreground.
I successfully printed a 20 pages document that way, and another failed to
finish printing after the 12th page : the process disappeared altogether.

If anyone wants more info on my config or needs me to run some tests, no
problem, send away :)