Problems with lpr: v2.1.36

Meino Christian Cramer (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 17:28:45 -0000 (???)

E-Mail: Meino Christian Cramer <>
Date: 24-Apr-97
Time: 19:34:09

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Maybe this is a kernel-related bug OR
I myself can't figure out, how to avoid
this bug.

I am using kernel 2.1.36.
I have a Intel Plato board (P90) with
onboard parallel port. My Bios let
me switch it to ECP.

I have tried both: with ECP and without.

I have compiled the kernel several times
with/without parport/autoprobe/lp as
module/built into the kernel.

In /proc/parport/0/devices I got


In /proc/parport/0/hardware I got
base: 0x378
irq: 7
dma: 3
mode: SPP

In /proc/parport/0/irq I got

lsmod said:
Module Size Used by
lp 4364 0 (unused) <<<---???
parport 9828 1 [lp]
serial 18604 1 (autoclean)

So fine, so nice...

There not a reaction of my printer. lpr
seems not to recognice, that there is something
to send the data to.

If it is NOT an error of the code, please
help me to get the printer working.

If it is a bug: it is a bug (waiting for a patch... ;-)

(By the way: I _HAVE_ read .../linux/Documentation/parport.txt )

...who dances with modems... ;-)