[2.1.36] bug in delete_module ?

Thomas Pornin (bip@nostromo.ens.fr)
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 11:44:41 +0200 (MEST)


I am not subscribed to the mailing-list, I read it through a news-filter.
I hope this one will get through ...

I switched to 2.1.36, and in the same time to modutils 2.1.34. With
modutils 2.1.23 and kernel 2.1.35, everything was ok, but now, unused
modules are not flushed anymore, even if they have the autoclean flag.

I mean: kerneld inserts a module needed for some operation (specifically,
I want to see the table of contents of a cd, so it inserts sr_mod.o and
cdrom.o). A minute later, kerneld performs the system call:
which should, according to the man, delete all unused module with the
autoclean flag. I put a syslog() call just before, in the kerneld code,
so I am pretty sure that the call is performed. But lsmod still shows
the modules after, and I have to manually execute rmmod to remove the
modules (which works, but is not elegant).

The bug(?) can also be observed with ipx.o. I have not tested any other

I have a p120 with 64 MB ram, pure 2.1.36 source tree + patch to
fs/inode.c, module support and kernel daemon support built in the kernel.

--Thomas Pornin