Re: FAT 32 and NTFS in Linux

Martin Vernon (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 04:03:36 +0100

In article <> you wrote:
> Are there any plans or patches so Linux will support these new drive
> types, or a release date for such. Any info is helpful!

Ummm, well I'm already using FAT32 support (read/write) and NTFS support
(read only) in kernels since the early 2.0.x days, currently I'm on 2.1.35
and about to build a 2.1.36 now.

NTFS has a couple of foibles but seem pretty stable I applied it as is
from the author.

FAT32 was based on the 2.0.x kernel patches which I modified to work with
2.1.x structures and it has been rock solid ever since.

I've forgotten the original authors but will dig and report further in
both cases.

Cheers, Martin.

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