Re: [2.1.3(56)] Time trials on an ASUS P166 w/ DMA2'd IBM DeskStar

Larry McVoy (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 15:48:52 -0700

[Inode stuff]

In SunOS, the dnlc did a hold on the inode. So the last thing holding the
inode from being flushed was frequently the dnlc. This was a bummer for
NFS since NFS servers didn't look things up via pathnames (probably what
we should have done is used the dnlc for both pathnames and filehandles
and we would have been fine).

Aside from NFS, this worked great. You tuned the dnlc to do what you want
and it had the side effect of keeping the pages in the cache. Having the
inode w/o the pages is frequently a lose and having the pages without the
inode makes no sense.