Re: ncr810 scsi

Russell, Gabriel (
24 Apr 97 10:39 EDT

I read the digest and have a lame email system, so I'm sorry about the
response lag.

> I too constantly get error at boot-time - talking about "deleted inode
xyz has
> zero dtime. Set dtime? Yes" ...

My computer:
cyrix p166+ on a biostar(?) motherbord
CSC ncr875 scsi card
fujitsu 512 meg scsi drive
diamond EDGE 3d video card (NV1 chip set)

I have run kernel versions 1.0.27 -> 1.0.30 each with versions of the
ncr8xx driver; 1.12?, 1.18c, 1.18d, and 1.18 e

In all of these combinations (lots of kernel building) the system seems
quite stable, in fact it never crashed once while not running X. But X is

the trick. Whenever I run X (XF86) , I can use some small programs for a
few minutes but always at some random point, I hear a disk access and the

computer totally freezes, such that I have to reset the computer. Now
when rebooting I get the 'inode xyz has a zero dtime....'. Usually I only

get one such error, but sometimes I get a few. Different combinations of
user and program make it crash sooner or later. Running xdm (as root of
course) always crashes right off the bat. If I logon as a plain user, and

run xinit , xterm then I can use the xterm for a minute or too. From
within this xterm I can run console programs just fine until the computer

crashes. I can even use vi to edit, save, create files, so I'm sure it is

not the disk access alone that causes the crash. And if I just run the
XF86_SVGA server alone, without any program, then it seems stable. It
does not crash. I realize this is really more of a X problem but it does
seem related to the problems mentioned. And I suspect the ncr8xx driver
being a, if not the culprit.

Gabriel Russell