Re: ncr810 scsi

Thomas Ackermann (
24 Apr 1997 15:06:04 GMT wrote:
: thomas:

: i had the same problem with version 1.17 of the ncr53c8xx driver
: on an 825 board.

: version 1.18 will fix this specific problem and is available
: at

: it is supposedly available in all kernels from 2.1.33 forward
: but i've not had much luck in configuring it in 2.1.35.

: it is an astonishing performance improvement for the 825.
: i suspect this is due to 16 bit transfer and configurable
: tag queueing.

Thanx for your reply! (And thanx to all the others who wrote in
private email - i will answer them today ;-)

I have to say, that i didn't try the 2.1.x kernels - i even holded
back in reporting these error because i was willing to wait for the
always next kernel-release, but now, as this is still occuring i
wanted to share my experience ...

I will try the BSD driver at first and then wait for kernel 2.2.x to
try the new ncr53c8xx!

Thanx again and

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