Re: 2048 bytes sector

Thomas Linder (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 15:52:32 +0200

> There is support for this in the newer 2.1 kernels. I have no
> plans to try and fit these changes into a 2.0 kernel.

Is there support for partitioned MO disks? I tried two patches with a
2.0 kernel (got several rejected hunks...) - the one of them which I'm
still using is Eric's, I think. Both of them don't support partitions so
I started to hack the kernel (2.1.26). I can now read 640 MB MO's in
the Fujitsu drive partitioned with the utility the deliver.

Another thing is being able to partition disks. fdisk needs to know
the hardware sector size so I implemented an additional ioctl() (is
there an ioctl() I overlooked?) and started to alter the standard (?)
Linux fdisk; it's not finished yet and I haven't done anything for 3
weeks now.


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