2.1.36 crashes system

Thu, 24 Apr 1997 01:49:53 -0500 (CDT)

Ok, so I added a couple patches, cy2135.pch (to detect k5 correctly),
ncr53c8xx-1.18e-to-1.18f.patch.gz (which said it pretty much failed to

I ran bonnie and after or during the second pass (writing intellitently I
believe) a lot of garbage flew across the screen and then froze. The
computer was completely locked from what I could tell.

Ok. I have tested the plain 2.1.36 with the addition of Andi Kleen Fix for
the permission, (I couldn't login without it, something about couldn't do
something to /dev/ttyx ).

I ran bonnie under this kernel and had a kernel panic with the process as
bonnie. Console locked up very shortly after it happened so I wasn't able
to get it copied. I don't think it was a hard lock because it gave a
message about a keyboard error.

K5, 64MB, ncr53c810,

| David Fries |
| dfries@mail.win.org |