Re: "Transmitter access conflict" with 2.0.30

Harald Koenig (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 18:33:16 +0200

On Apr 23, Marc MERLIN wrote:

> Wait, I don't get it.
> 2.0.29 does not support 3c905 cards (I suppose that 2.0.30 doesn't either)
> What harm does it do to update the driver to a new version that supports the
> cards, even if not perfectly?

there have been several versions of this driver which are much more stable
(according to reports of others and myself).

v0.28 seems to work fine but doesn't support busmastering (which seems to
be the real problem to me).

v0.37 is the last version which works almost fine for us with one problem left
which isn't fixed in 0.40 either.

so IMHO either v0.28 or v0.37 should go into a stable kernel (preferably 0.28!)

> Has this new driver broken anything for 3c59x users? (or all the users for
> who "3c59x.c:v0.25 5/17/96" works).

don't know, we don't have these cards (but I don't think so from reports).


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