NCR53C8XX (Bsd ported) driver latest versions.

Gerard Roudier (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 23:13:23 +0000 (GMT)

The latest stable version of the driver is 1.18f.
This driver version has been tested under linux-2.0.29, 2.0.30 and
2.1.35. It should work under 1.2.13.

If you are using linux-2.0.29 or linux-2.0.30, patches to apply are
the following:


Version 1.18f will normaly be incorporated in some next stable version of
linux. I hope it'll be linux-2.0.31.

Linux-2.1.35 uses the version 1.18d of the driver, so patches to apply


On the other, I have started some heavy rewrite of the driver which in my
opinion are needed. I've made available the patch against version 1.18d
corresponding to my current version.
(Other changes will come bit(s) by bit(s))


The main change of this version is the init code of the driver that has
been heavily rewritten and reordered.

All patches are available at

Here is what I wrote about in the ChangeLog.ncr53c8xx file.

Mon Apr 22 22:00 1997 Gerard Roudier (
* revision 2.0
- incorporate __initdata and __initfunc directives in order to
allow 'init' to free unused memory after driver initialisations.
Patch sent by Roberto Fichera.
- rewrite the init code of the driver. Now a feature descriptor
is used for each real chip types. The code is a lot more clean,
since the driver uses device and revision ids only in the
detection procedure.
- add 'pcifix' to the boot command line. This option allows to fix up
PCI config space for new chips which support features based on the
cache line size and 'write and invalidate'.
- incorporate in the driver, the code used for error recovery
testing. This code is normally not compiled; have to define
SCSI_NCR_DEBUG_ERROR_RECOVERY in order to compile it.
- take into account actual SCSI bus mode for 53C895 LVD/SE controller.
In single ended mode only fast20 is supported.
(Just to not be late since such controllers are not yet available)