Re: 3c59x fails to work in 2.0.30

John Gotts (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 13:23:50 -0400

In message <>, "Michael H. Warfield" writes:

> I've also had varying success with the bus mastering code. Some
>machines work perfect, others never work, nothing in between. Someone
>posted an explaination which made a lot of sense about certain mother
>boards not having bus mastering capabilities to all of their PCI slots.
>If this is the cause of this indeterminancy, I would suggest that we make
>it a configurable option and document the hell out of it!

Always plug the EISA and/or PCI cards that need it most into the bus mastering
slots. I think network cards certainly qualify. I thought everyone who added
cards to his or her machine(s) and/or built his or her machine(s) from scratch
was aware of this. This has been relevant to me for at least the past five

To summarize, RTFM of your motherboard. Understand every word. You won't
regret it.

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