Hang problems

Tue, 22 Apr 1997 18:47:35 -0700

I'm running Linux kernel 2.1.25 (development) on a P6-200mhz with 64mb RAM
and Apache 1.2b7 webserver. The problem I am having is that when the web
server gets heavily loaded, it locks up and won't allow any connection. The
rest of the server works fine (i.e. ftp, telnet, etc...). After restarting
the web server, it works fine for about a day of heavy use then quits
again. I was thinking that it was the httpd but i tried different versions
of apache and still no different. I did see that one of the kernel patches
(2.0.27 i beleive) fixes the TCP hanging on apache httpd. Thats' fine and
dandy but I am running the 2.1.25 kernel and was also told that the httpd
hang was fixed in the 2.1.xx release. it kinda looks like it's not..

Has anyone ever experienced this problem or can give me some direction as
what to do?

Is it better to stay with the 2.0.xx kernel?

Thanx dan@sequoias.com