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Rildo Pragana (rpragana@acm.org)
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 12:26:08 -0300 (EST)

Hi Thayne,

It seems to be a bug in XFree, because I did found the same problem with
my 486, Trident 9440, despite the window manager I'm using at the moment.
It happens more frquently when I run some programs (like Netscape, or The
Gimp) buggy, that report "Bus errors" or core dumps. Unafortunately, I
have no way to characterize the problem or even a way to repeat it.
Please, report what conditions do you (Thaney, Russell and others) find
the screen locked. I'm decided to find out what's happening, at least!

Rildo Pragana (direct e-mail: <rpragana@truenet.com.br>, or Reply-To)

On Mon, 21 Apr 1997, Thayne Harbaugh wrote:

> This is very similar to a problem I'm having. My X server can die at
> various
> times: restarting the windowmanager, closing an app, opening an app,
> etc.
> Sometimes it completely kills the server and other times it kills it but
> leaves
> the graphics on the console and locks the keyboard input (or so it
> seems). I'm
> running a cyrix 6x86 200+, Matrox Millenium, XFree86-SVGA 3.2a, 32M
> SDRAM, 2.0.30,
> AHA2940-UW, (mail me for more details).
> Russell Berry wrote:
> >
> > Greeting fellow linux users,
> >
> > I'm cross posting this to X11 and kernel, at first glance the bulk of you will
> > insist that this is not a kernel issue. Indeed, maybe it isn't, but please
> > read on, I'll try to be brief.
> >
> > The issue involves two machines, both running 2.0.30 at the moment. One is a
> > P100, the other a P60. the 60 has a cirrus 5432 chipset vid card, running
> > Xfree863.1.2, the 100 is a diamond S3 chipset (not virge) running Xfree863.2.x.
> >
> > Here's the story, every since 2.0.29, I will loose /tmp/.X11-unix/X0=, the X
> > connection. The chain of events prior to this loss vary. Sometimes I'll be
> > running netscape, sometimes not. Sometimes I'll be doing absolutely nothing,
> > try to open an Xterm, and the connection will be gone. All the windows and
> > apps that are open and running when this happens continue to work fine. This
> > is a very strange problem, I log my X sessions, and nothing comes up in the
> > logs except the X connect loss messages at the end where I tried to open
> > something.
> >
> > If this happens while I'm away, like when the screen has gone into suspend
> > mode, I can't get the display back at all. If I turn the monitor off and back
> > on it complains that the signal is lost. So I have to go in from a terminal
> > and kill the X session, or restart it. Again, the X0= socket will be missing.
> >
> > This happens a couple of times a week on each machine, the machines are not
> > connected to one another. One is home, and the other at the office. It's
> > getting to be quite annoying.
> >
> > If anyone can think of anything that has come about since 2.0.28 that may be
> > causing this, please let me know. Actually I'll entertain any ideas, flames,
> > comments, etc...
> >
> > Thanks for reading.
> >
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