Re: general protection in 2.0.30

Theodore Y. Ts'o (tytso@MIT.EDU)
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 08:59:53 -0400

Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 23:43:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dan Hollis <>

GP from Linux 2.0.30. This machine is a heavy dialup server (32 ports)
as well as squid/sendmail/web/etc.

Are you using any sort of modules at all? And what kind of serial
driver are you using? The standard "dumb" serial card? Cyclades?
Rocketport? Digiboard? etc.....

Are you perchance using ppp as a module? It looks like the crash
happened inside the ppp line discpline, which was loaded as a module.
Does this match with your system configuration? If so, try compiling
ppp into the kernel, instead of using it as a module. Given that you
have a dedicated dialup server, it's a really good idea just in general,
and it'll help with the debugging process.

- Ted