Re: linux-kernel-digest V1 #853

root (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 11:42:36 +0200 (MET DST)


I'm having some troubles with kernel 2.0.30; it compiles allright,
but when I boot some programs, like syslogd and sendmail, take
ages to start up. After logging in I have the same problem
with netscape.

I've installed the following libraries &c.

- Dynamic linker ( 1.8.10
- Binutils 2.7.1 (with BFD
- Linux C Library 5.4.23
- Linux C++ Library
- Termcap 2.0.8
- Procps 1.01
- Gpm 1.09
- SysVinit 2.69
- Mount 2.5p
- Net-tools 1.32-alpha
- Kernel modules 2.0.0 (I don't use modules, however)

These I'm not sure about:

- Kbd 0.91
- PPP daemon 2.2.0f
- Util-linux 2.5

The first two, I don't use, and I tried to upgrade to Util-linux-2.6,
but most of it I don't use and some of the other programs gave
problems during compilation, so I skipped installing it.

It seems unlikely to me, however, that that would cause my problem.

I've had the problem before, with kernel 2.0.somewhere.between.10.and.20.I.think
and a friend of mine also had this problem, but it was solved then. Don't
know how I dit it, though.

Can someone please tell me how I did that? :-)

By the way, I'm using 3c59x.c, v0.39 as ethernet-driver and I don't
really trust it, as it occasionally gives a time-out.



Jeroen Hoekstra
University Library Utrecht or