Re: Another (different) GP under 2.0.30 - gdb debug included
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 23:49:58 +0200

Dan Hollis <> writes:
>> What networking options do you have compiled in? If you have SYN
>> and RST cookies, does the problem go away if you turn them off?
>Yes, I have RST and SYN cookies compiled in. Got the GP only once so far
>and I have not yet tried running without SYN/RST cookies compiled.

Ok, I've seen a prior GP that was correlated with SYN/RST cookies and
looked a lot like yours. Just wanted to try and fit things into a pattern.

>BTW 2.0.30 on our extremely heavily loaded news server runs fine (but
>spits out a *lot* of "possible SYN flood" messages).

I didn't throttle back the messaging enough on that one, should be
a bit quieter in the next release. FWIW, you can take the messages as
a sign that you should probably be increasing your news servers
backlog queue.

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