2.0.30: strange keyboard lockup

Stephan Meyer (sensei@wiesel.de)
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 18:37:01 +0200 (MET DST)

Well, this one is *really* strange :-/
I'm running a notebook: P5/120, 24MB ram, APM BIOS 1.1
Linux: kernel 2.0.30, libc 5.4.23, XFree 3.2, RedHat 4.1
Patches: my clockspeed/MSR, pentium-memcpy, parport2.0.29

I was working under X with pine and a telnet each running in an xterm and
browsing with Netscape Navigator 3.01 and suddenly, the keyboard just did
not work anymore. X didn't react to Ctrl-Alt-Backspace. The mouse was
working fine, I could still "surf" the web via my PPP link. This is
probably not a hardware problem, since I could still go into
suspend mode using "Function"+"F2". This key combinations is probably
trapped directly by the keyboard controller.
Then I exited fvwm via the RMB menu, the screen went into text mode and
remained *blank*. I can't imagine this being a problem with the patches
since none of them is keyboard specific and the remaining IRQs were still
working perfectly.
I've had never experienced something like that before, the machine is
running like a charm.
If you need any additional information, I'll be happy to provide you with
it. There's nothing unusual in the logs.

Cheers, Stephan

Stephan Meyer
91 E0 57 08 5F 48 D7 CD 86 28 75 D2 69 8C 85 90