Re: 3Com 3c900 is "unknown device" in patched 2.0.29

Michael H. Warfield (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 12:57:17 -0400 (EDT) enscribed thusly:

> After adding the latest 3c59x.c from CESDIS web site, 2.0.29 refuses
> to correctly identify a 3c900 combo card, reporting "Unknown PCI device
> (10b7:9001)" even though, so far as I can tell 3c59x.c should
> understand the 9001 device ID. The card works under Win95 (and is
> running right now as the server in a samba session).

That's really just noise coming from the pci.c detection routines.
You can add the id codes for the 3c90x cards to pci.h and pci.c and they
will then properly identify the cards. The messages don't do any real
harm that I've been able to determine though. The 3c59x.c driver does
it's own device discovery and uses the 3c900 card even though the pci.c
code was not able to hang a name on it. Apears to be mostly cosmetic.
The changes appear to be present in the 2.1.35 sources. You merely have
to add some defines to include/linux/pci.h for the 3COM devices codes
(9001 in your case) and then add the table entry in the pci_dev_info
table in drivers/pci/pci.c (or wait for 2.0.31 - sounds like Dave Miller
has picked up the Boomerang driver and is integrating it in - yeah!).
If you modify the pci_dev_info table though - watch out for the comments
preceding the table. It's a binary search table and the contents must be
properly sorted!

> Rick


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