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Mason Pokladnik (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 15:15:26 -0500 (CDT)

> You forget that various US security agencies make their own rules. They
> are not governed by rule-of-law. We need to get Congress to control this
> not-too-hidden "government". You do this by flooding Congress with proposals
> for a new law to remove any restrictions on the export of so-called
> encryption technology. You have to actually write the law yourself because
> the Congress is basically too dumb to know what you are talking about.

ok this is getting a little old, first there are THREE bills in congress
at the moment with some decent bipartisan support. the strongest of which
Pro-CODE (promotion of commerce online in the digital era) was introduced
in the senate on the second of this month. these are *well* written bills
done up in the usual way. the supporting interest groups (read netscape
and a crap load of others) have been fiunding organizations like
Electronic Frontiers Foundation (blue ribbon campaign they are still
fighting the cda at this moment too) and others. all of which are way
ahead of these suggestions of this list. the bills have been written they
are in the senate and the house if you would like to support them call or
write you congressman and tell them that your in favor of strong
encryption specificly the pro-CODE bill introduced by Senator Burns (R-MT)
or the Encrypted Communication Privacy of 1996, or the Security and
Freedom through Encryption Act of 1996.

america is very pro-business and if enough business/people light a fire
under their congressman's butt then this thing will go through over a
presidential veto. for the same reason the justice department wont
prosecute mickeysoft any further. and others like it can provide you much more research
material if your interested.

-Mason Pokladnik
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