Re: 3Com 3c900 is "unknown device" in patched 2.0.29

Willem Riede (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 18:57:19 -0400

On Sun, 20 Apr 1997, <> wrote:
> After adding the latest 3c59x.c from CESDIS web site, 2.0.29 refuses
> to correctly identify a 3c900 combo card, reporting "Unknown PCI device
> (10b7:9001)" even though, so far as I can tell 3c59x.c should
> understand the 9001 device ID. The card works under Win95 (and is
> running right now as the server in a samba session).
I have that message too, but it doesn't stop the card to be recognized and
function properly:

Probing PCI hardware.
Warning : Unknown PCI device (10b7:9001). Please read include/linux/pci.h
Linux version 2.1.32 (root@linnie) (gcc version #6 Thu Apr 17
20:04:40 EDT 1997
eth0: 3Com 3c900 Boomerang 10Mbps/Combo at 0x6000, 00:60:97:10:e0:58, IRQ 10
8K word-wide RAM 3:5 Rx:Tx split, autoselect/10baseT interface.
Rx Pacing bug exists, disabling bus-master receives.
eth0: Overriding PCI latency timer (CFLT) setting of 32, new value is 248.
3c900.c:v0.39 4/1/97
eth0 UP fl=00001043 pa=0201A8C0/00FFFFFF brd=FF01A8C0 dst=00000000
eth0 changes brd FF01A8C0 -> FF01A8C0

Hopefully someone with more insight than I have can explain the warning.

Regards, Willem Riede.