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Sun, 20 Apr 1997 08:22:07 -0400

Hi from Yoyodyne!

Thanks for mailing We're excited to be running
the biggest and best free games on the Internet. Take a look
below to see our current game list -- last updated 4/18/97.

To play any of the games below, just send an e-mail to the
address listed, or visit the Web site if a URL is listed.


Total Baseball's Trivia Playback Game -- win a trip to the
World Series! -- send e-mail to

Rolling Stone Cover Story Game -- guess the bands on the
covers and win great prizes -- click on the Cover Story
banner at

Get Rich Click (starts 4/22) -- you could win $100,000! --
surf to

Zonker's Short-Term Memory Quiz -- cool political trivia,
lots of great prizes -- e-mail to play

The Dilbert Trivia Game -- win official and very cool
Dilbert stuff -- send e-mail to

The Station's Music Playground -- play a variety of
music-related trivia games, win GREAT prizes! -- visit to become a
Station member

Yoyo Central -- trivia for weekly T-shirts, different
category every week -- send e-mail to

Trivia-A-Day -- get your own trivia question every day (it's
not a game...just pure, unadulterated trivia) -- send e-mail

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This list is updated fairly often, so e-mail
regularly to find out about new and upcoming games.

Good luck, and thanks for playing!

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