kernel don't update

Raymond Miecznik (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 19:47:30 -0700

I installed originally the 1.2 kernel, then I downloaded the
upgrade-in-a-box, which is the 2+ kernel and decompressed it and
unpacked it into it's own directory in / root.

Then I typed to start it, the upgrade went fine, it runned
fine, I picked my options from the menus, then it compiled fine and
ended. Then I did the extra1 for the others like pppd and that too
worked fine.

But when I type: uname -a , it still shows the old kernel after the
upgrade, even after rebooting it.

I am no dummy, but also not an expert at linux, but hey I am learning
and so far I like the challenge. It isn't easy at first but you learn
as you go.

So, please help me in straight english what I should do to deactivate
the old kernel and activate the new one ?

Also, I never installed LILO into the MBR the first time around, because
I knew that I was gona be updating it, but had to install it from the
cd-rom, the basics to begin, then I downloaded the new kernel. So the
LILO was done on floppy the first time around, then when I did the
upgrade, and compiled, I did the LILO into the MBR on the main HD.

Why is the Kernel still showing 1.2.x ?

Please help, thanks.

John Bigbooty :- )