ipfwadm 2.3.0

Russell Berry (berrex@albany.net)
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 13:07:03 -0400 (EDT)

Greeting fellow linux users,

I'm cross posting this to X11 and kernel, at first glance the bulk of you will
insist that this is not a kernel issue. Indeed, maybe it isn't, but please
read on, I'll try to be brief.

The issue involves two machines, both running 2.0.30 at the moment. One is a
P100, the other a P60. the 60 has a cirrus 5432 chipset vid card, running
Xfree863.1.2, the 100 is a diamond S3 chipset (not virge) running Xfree863.2.x.

Here's the story, every since 2.0.29, I will loose /tmp/.X11-unix/X0=, the X
connection. The chain of events prior to this loss vary. Sometimes I'll be
running netscape, sometimes not. Sometimes I'll be doing absolutely nothing,
try to open an Xterm, and the connection will be gone. All the windows and
apps that are open and running when this happens continue to work fine. This
is a very strange problem, I log my X sessions, and nothing comes up in the
logs except the X connect loss messages at the end where I tried to open

If this happens while I'm away, like when the screen has gone into suspend
mode, I can't get the display back at all. If I turn the monitor off and back
on it complains that the signal is lost. So I have to go in from a terminal
and kill the X session, or restart it. Again, the X0= socket will be missing.

This happens a couple of times a week on each machine, the machines are not
connected to one another. One is home, and the other at the office. It's
getting to be quite annoying.

If anyone can think of anything that has come about since 2.0.28 that may be
causing this, please let me know. Actually I'll entertain any ideas, flames,
comments, etc...

Thanks for reading.


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