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Aaron M. Ucko (
19 Apr 1997 12:04:13 -0400

Troy Muller <> writes:

> I've been discussing whether Linux (or BSDI, or other shareware Unix-like
> o/s) can be made a part of Informix' porting strategy.
> At the moment, it appears that the answer is 'no' because Linux does not
> support features which Informix-OnLine needs. I don't have the precise
> details of what these absent features are, but candidates are:
> * System V IPC (shared memory)
> * System V IPC (semaphores)
> * System V TLI (transport layer interface)
> * System V Streams (for olipcstr connectivity)
> Does anyone who is sufficicently familiar with Linux know whether these
> features are available or not? I suspect that these are not the missing
> features, so if you volunteer an answer, can you also indicate whether I
> can tax you with other feature issues.
> Yours,
> Jonathan Leffler ( #include <disclaimer.h>

Linux supports full System V IPC. However, it does not, and probably
never will, support TLI or STREAMS because both are inefficient
without severe abstraction-barrier breakage.

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