Error in mounting root file system

Harris Kosmidis (
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 17:12:51 +0300 (WET)

Hi there. I'm quite new in linux and I have a problem.
Recently I did smthg like:
cp -Rf /usr/local /MSDOSpartition and had the partision to have a damage.
I then couldn't boot in linux.
I bott with boot/rescue disk and run e2fsck /dev/hdc3.
It founfd some errors which it fixed them.
I ran it again (even with -v) and said partition ois clean.
But trying to bott in linux (either with a boot disk or with LILO)
make my computer hang.
It boots the kernel and then says:
Mounted root partition /dev/hdc3 (read-only) and stops there

What's the problem?


PS: mind yu in the boot: prompt with the boot disk I press enter..(i tried
mount root=/dev/hdc3 but nothing happened..)