Re: procfs problems

Christopher Horn (
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 08:40:55 -0400

Dan Hollis wrote:

> > I think the design goal behind the sysctl interface was different. While
> > it could probably be used to eliminate some of the proc files like
> > cmdline and cpuinfo, there are many others it can not easily handle.
> Like?

pci, mounts, swaps, ioports, interrupts, devices, ksyms, etc...
basically things that list multiple entries, and things that contain
calculated values. You would end up writing just as much code to handle
them either way.

> > > I still maintain that the pci parser belongs in user space.
> > Also a valid solution, which saves a little room from the start. A
> > utility could be called as part of the system startup that reported on
> > installed devices and notified the user of unknown devices it may have
> > found.
> Seeing as that the kernel doesn't display this information on bootup as it
> stands now, why change the behaviour?

My slip, it only complains when it finds a device it does not recognize.