[Crypto] Export is easier than you think

Andrew Lewycky (plewycky@oise.utoronto.ca)
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 07:04:38 -0400

ITAR-controlled munitions can be exported from the US to Canada with
only a Shipper's Export Declaration. Once in Canada, the rules are much
less stringent.

describes some experiences with Canadian export law concerning

http://axion.physics.ubc.ca/ECL.html is an extract from the guide of
controlled items.

It seems most likely that Linux would be exempted by the statement:

General "Software" Note
This List does not embargo "software" which is either"

a.Generally available to the public by being: 1.Sold from stock at retail selling points, without restriction, by means of: a.Over-the-Counter transactions; b.Mail order transactions; or c.Telephone call transactions; and 2.Designed for installation by the user without further substantial support by the supplier; or b.In the public domain".


Linux is "sold from stock" (whatever) by telephone call transactions, and is certainly not accompanied by substantial support.

If this plan is interesting, I'll volunteer to get the necessary permissions/permits. (Especially as I'm <18, which should keep me from getting into trouble if I goof up. :)

Andrew Lewycky plewycky@oise.utoronto.ca