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Fri, 18 Apr 1997 23:52:53 -0400 (EDT)

David S. Miller enscribed thusly:

> Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 16:31:33 +0200
> From: "Dr. Werner Fink" <>

> Only if is NOT in the USA ... I don't like to get
> the some kernel sources printed on papers, because the stuff is not
> legal to be exported out of the USA.

> If this is the case, how does Linus get it to Finland legally then?
> If you can't export it, how could he? ;-) just a thought...

Oh... Please please please please please.... This would be SSSOOO
MUCH FUN! (Although probably not for Linus - especially where he is working.) says it's at Transmeta and that's presumably in the US.
So... The first issue is settled. The remaining issue is - does it contains
ITAR (now known in the plain brown wrapper as EAR) restricted material or not.

If this were only true and it really DID contain enough crypto stuff
to make it illegal to export... IPng/IPv6 & IPSEC??? Hmmm... Just THINK of
the possibilities! Just picture the NSA and various and sundry spooks
attempting to hassle Linus the way they did to Phil Zimmerman. They could
get Linus deported (he is a foreign national) but imagine the uproar! Not
only boot out someone who the Finish Government has honored, but boot him out
for the same thing that the Finish Government honored him for? Can we say
"International Incident"? YES!

The ITAR/EAR regulations contain explicit exceptions for material which
originates outside of the US (exporting an imported crypto system is legal)
unless that material was originally exported from the US in violation of ITAR.
That makes it REAL fuzzy as to what is or is not covered even if there is
relevant material in the kernel. PGP is STILL illegal to export, even though
it is freely available outside of the US, because it is claimed to have been
illegally exported in the first place.

I would NOT WISH ON ANYONE the kind of harasment Phil had to endure.
Talking with Phil a couple of years ago at Interop in Atlanta, someone walked
up to us at the Clipper Chip Debate (I was told by someone else that they
thought it was Dorthy Denny, but I DO NOT KNOW that to be a fact) and she
asked him how it felt to support drug dealers and child molesters. In PUBLIC
she does this! This was several months before the (In)Justice Department
threw in the towel and quit trying to harass him into bankrupcy. I told her
that I thought we had buried that red herring long ago and she slunk off.

It REALLY WOULD be fun to add one more NAIL in the COFFIN of those
stupid export regulations!

Linus - Please DON'T take this as a suggestion to try, though. You
made a remark about the customs inspectors in Finland being ex-nazis, we got
their buddies here on the other side of the puddle... :-( :-(

Some Personal Notes:

Linus - I hope you can make it to Comdex and the Linux showcase that
we (ALE - Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts) and Linux International are planning in
Atlanta. I understand that time off from Transmeta is a question and a
problem. Make it over for the showcase and I've got some homebrew that
will make them virtual beers pale... :-)

Dave - I'm trying to get Internet Security Systems to sponsor your
talk (If no one else has snapped up the opportunity).

Everyone else: If you are attending Comdex - please note the Linux
Showcase the weekend following Comdex... <>
Or just come for the Linux showcase! That's where the REAL action is!

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